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      Yizhe Sun

          Demi Yan

              Zhixuan Li

                  Nina Beri

                  Nina received a BS Biological Sciences and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature from the University of Maryland. She then moved to the Midwest to pursue a PhD in  Molecular Genetics and Genomics at Washington University in St. Louis.  Her doctoral studies with Jacqueline Payton and Daisy Leung used ChIP-seq, biochemical and informatic approaches to characterize human respiratory syncytial virus non-structural protein NS1 nuclear roles in modulation of gene transcription.

                      Gewurz lab

                          Yin Wang

                          Yin did her doctoral studies at Kansas State in Pathobiology with Dr. Jianfa Bai. Yin’s studies focused on developing novel assays for detection of emerging viruses, including African swine fever virus, Seneca valley virus 1 and foot-and-mouth disease virus. She characterized genetic diversity of emergine porcine circoviruses.  She also characterized genome diversity and field detection of the nidovirus porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Yin’s work lead to the development of novel diagnostic tests currently in use.

                              Laura Murray-Nerger

                              Laura joins us following her PhD studies at Princeton, where she studied human cytomegalovirus in the lab of Ileana Cristea. Laura used whole cell proteomic profiling to characterize roles of protein acetylation in host defense and HCMV replication and characterized roles of lamin B1 acetylation.  She also studied the temporal dynamics of complex formation during HCMV infection.

                                  Yifei Liao

                                  Yifei joins us after completing PhD studies with Sanjay Reddy and Blanca Lupiani at Texas A&M.  Yifei’s doctoral studies focused on the alpha-herpesvirus Marek’s Disease Virus, an important avian tumor virus.  Yifei studied roles of the US3 kinase, the MEQ oncoprotein and miRNAs.

                                      Eshaani Mitra

                                      Eshaani did her doctoral studies in virology with Dr. Haitao Guo at University of Indiana and subsequently at University of Pittsburgh studying Hepatitis B virus (HBV) host/pathogen interactions.  Eshaani found that HBV precore protein p22 inhibits alpha interferon signaling by blocking stat nuclear translocation.  In the Gewurz lab, Eshaani is study the EBV oncoprotein LMP1, which mimics signaling from activated CD40 receptors. Eshaani is studying the long-standing question of why signaling from two LMP1 cytoplasmic tail domains are each necessary for EBV-mediated B-cell transformation into immortalized lymphoblastoid cell lines, a key model for post-transplant and AIDS-associated lymphomas.  Check out this Brigham Research News piece by Eshaani: