Clarisel Lozano

Clarisel is a summer research intern participating in the Brigham & Women’s Division of Infectious disease Brigham Research in Infectious Disease and Global Engagement (BRIDGE) program. The Bridge program is an 8-week summer fellowship program that provides development in clinical and basic research skills in the field of infectious diseases, building a bridge to careers in medicine, public health, infectious disease research, and administration. The long-term goal is to assist underrepresented persons in building essential skills for their future careers.

Clarisel received a B.A from the University of North Carolina, where amongst her many research experiences she investigated the role of Microtubule Acetylation during Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and analyzed fluid dynamics in viral transmission from human expiratory activities. Clarisel is working closely with post-doctoral fellow Laura Murray-Nerger to characterize a novel host factor in control of the EBV lytic switch.

      Brenda Piedras Iturbide

      Brenda joined the Gewurz lab in 2021 after recently graduating from Trinity College with a double major in Biology and Public Policy & Law. Brenda pursued her undergraduate research in the Toscano lab at Trinity, where she focused on invertabrate ecology.

          Michael Lutchnekov

              Jewel Voyer

              Jewel is a summer research intern visiting from University of Rhode Island.  Jewel is a member of the Harvard SHURP program and working with Eric and Eshaani to study the the ferroptosis pathway in EBV-transformed cells .

                  Brunno Caetano

                  Brunno Caetano is pursuing his graduate studies with Deilson Elgui de Oliveira in Brazil, and is spending one year in the Gewurz lab for collaborative studies of EBV/host interactions in B-cell lytic replication

                      Yuchen Zhang

                      Yuchen is purusing her graduate studies, with a focus on how host histone chaperones regulate EBV latency in EBV-transformed B-cells. Check out her preprint on BioRxiv!

                          Jin Hua Liang

                          Jin Hua is pursuing graduate research in the Gewurz lab. Jin Hua’s research focuses on the regulation of nucleotide metabolism and NF-kB in EBV-transformed B-cells.

                              Merrin Leong, PhD

                              Merrin Leong did his doctoral research at Hong Kong University in the laboratory of Maria Lung, where he studied Epstein-Barr virus infection roles in regulation of host histone modifications.  Merring identified that EBV infections induces histone bivalent switches in squameous epithelial cells, and found roles for these epigenetic modifiations in suppression of DNA damage repair genes in a methylation-independent manner.

                                  Kaoru Takasaki

                                  Current Position: Fellow in Pediatric Oncology, CHOP, University of Pennsylvania

                                      Hannah Greenfeld

                                      Current Position: Graduate student, Mullins Laboratory, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania