Eshaani Mitra

Postdoctoral Fellow

Eshaani did her doctoral studies in virology with Dr. Haitao Guo at University of Indiana and subsequently at University of Pittsburgh studying Hepatitis B virus (HBV) host/pathogen interactions.  Eshaani found that HBV precore protein p22 inhibits alpha interferon signaling by blocking stat nuclear translocation.  In the Gewurz lab, Eshaani is study the EBV oncoprotein LMP1, which mimics signaling from activated CD40 receptors. Eshaani is studying the long-standing question of why signaling from two LMP1 cytoplasmic tail domains are each necessary for EBV-mediated B-cell transformation into immortalized lymphoblastoid cell lines, a key model for post-transplant and AIDS-associated lymphomas.  Check out this Brigham Research News piece by Eshaani: